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CMS++ Functions


 Website structure management 

  • structure management with user-friendly graphical features (Ajax) and features drag and drop
  • Expand / collapse all the site structure
  • Ddropdown menu to perform the functions available on each page of the site structure


  • CMS++ supports multilingual sites and not only bilingual
  • Only selected languages are displayed in the structure for a multilingual site.
  • The available languages are generated in a directory not "hardcoded". We can therefore have a default language in the site root.
  • The user interface of CMS++ is bilingual.
  • UTF-8 support which allows a wide set of characters for better international languages support.

Page editing 

  • Switch easily back and forth between edit mode and preview mode
  • Engine can easily search the entire site, either in the metatags, title and page content
  • Pages versions Management.
  • You can preview an old version of a page, and, if desired, restore it.
  • Separation between content structure and layout of the pages (the template handles the possible positions of boxes around the content)
  • Drag and drop boxes in the template
  • Content structure contains repeated or hierarchical elements.
  • Structured pages allow you to insert text, links, images, calendar with dates, without the use of HTML editor.
  • You can enter a complex content without using an HTML editor
  • After a content changes, the pages are changed in real time on the CMS. No need to regenerate the site or page. For example:
    • We do not need to regenerate the site if we change a box content.
    • We do not need to regenerate the site if we change the list of news that generate latest news in the homepage for example.
    • We do not need to regenerate the site either if we add a page or page structure.
  • The content structure is based on a very simple XML schema to create or modify. Here is an example of structures offered by CMS + +:
    • Newsletter index. Each sub page appears automatically in the news index
    • "Google maps"
    • Photo Gallery
    • Sitemap
    • Form: Build a form viually with no HTML skills. The form content is sent by email from the website.
    • List of Paragraphs
    • Single (HTML editor without predefined structure)
    • HTML code for advanced users

Boxes Management

  • Boxes Management content that included in on ore multiple pages
  • Content based on HTML or XML / XSLT
  • Boxes Version Management 

Resources Management

CMS + + provides resource management in a database with the search function. The resources are all words that are part of the global template and need to be translated into different languages


File Manager

CMS + + provides a file manager which can upload images, PDFs, and videos on the server. The File Manager offers a photo gallery feature that allows to preview images in the current directory. It also offers an online code editor that can change instantly CSS, JavaScript, XML and others.


Image Editing

CMS + + offers an online image editing very advanced compared to photoshop.



  • Locks page while editing.
  • Approvel rights reserved to some users.
  • Page approval request
  • Highlighting pages waiting for approval.
  • Highlighting pages under development.
  • Highlighting users connected simultaneously. 

User Rights Management

  • CMS++ provides an interface to manage users, manage user groups and assign users to groups.
  • CMS++ offers edition granular permissions:
  • User can change the type of page: yes / no
  • User can change the layout of the page 2 or 3 columns for example: yes / no
  • User can change the location of boxes on the page: yes / no
  • User can change the page content structure (Structure Example : List of paragraphs): yes / no
  • The user can change the page title: yes / no
  • User can change the filename of the page: yes / no
  • The user can reorganize the website structure: yes / no
  • The user can move a page within the structure to which it has access: yes / no
  • User can add a page: yes / no
  • The user can delete a page: yes / no
  • User can manage files: yes / no
  • User can manage the boxes: yes / no
  • The user can manage resources: yes / no 

HTML Editor

  • CMS++ use the last version « FCK Editor » 


Website deployement

  •     Deploy to a local directory or FTP to a remote server.
  •     Only changed files are pushed to the remote server
  •     Deployement simulation: Shows the files that are transferred in case if real deployement.