Quality is our passion


Why another CMS ? 

Media++ has developed enough websites to know the real limits and constraints of the most known CMS. Our experience allows us to know precisely what is wasting time during website development and maintenance. The use of open source CMS (Open Source) is not an option for two reasons:
On one hand, free software and in particular CMS are waves where the wave finish where new CMS starts. A website exists and evolves over many years and can't afford to skip from wave to wave. On the other hand, when the Open Source CMS does not meet the new requirement, we are obliged to modify it and maintain modifications through subsequent releases. This practice becomes quickly very expensive. Using a commercial CMS could be an option for some. But as regards the Media++, why use a third party CMS when we have the expertise and resources to develop a CMS that fits the reality of our customers and changes according to your needs and preferences?
CMS + + is also a showcase of the software quality we produce.