Quality is our passion

About Us

Media++ specializes in software development, particularly in Web applications development, software engineering and review of existing products in terms of architecture, standards compliance and source code quality.
With 15 years experience in the field of software engineering, Media ++ is positioning itself to offer a specialized service to meet your needs, allowing you to make a success of your web and non-Web software development projects.

We follow our customers throughout their projects from validating requirements to development and online publishing.
Our motto is to deliver quality solutions on time and on budget.
The main activity of the Media++ is the development and integration of Web applications such as: 

  • The content management systems
  • The e-commerce applications
  • Forums, blogs and wikis
  • Web 2.0 Ajax applications such as "Google Maps"

Media ++ also has extensive expertise in network architecture and implementation of infrastructure such as hosting, security, web servers configuration, high availability systems and visualization.