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Web Applications Development

Media + + excels mainly in the development of specific web applications to meet your business needs. Media++ has developed dozens of web applications such as CMS, CRM, e-commerce applications, surveys or B2B applications based on web services.


Websites development


Media + + provides a great value when working with design and communication agencies:

  • CMS ++, greatly help for content decentralization, uniformity and W3C web standards compliance.
  • Ergonomy presenting information essential clearly and avoid drowning the user in the superfluous.
  • Search engines optimization
  • Website hosting and support for webmasters.

Technological support

  • Software Architectures
  • System Architectures
  • Tests and software review
    • Security
    • Code quality
    • Performance

Network Infrastructure

Media++ has a large expertise in network architecture and implementation of infrastructure such as hosting, security, web servers configuration, high availability systems and virtualization.